Video still
Title: The Communist Painting in The Age of Digital Reproduction
Media: Double channel installation / first channel: Red Dragon 6,5K camera; second channel: digitalized archival film Historical Conference in Belgrade by Filmske novosti, Belgrade

Duration: 10'42''
Year: 2017

Camera: Kosta GluĊĦica

The Communist Painting in The Age of Digital Reproduction is a double-channel video installation. The first video is a documentary about the first conference of Non-Aligned Countries, which took place in Belgrade in 1961. During the conference, the Parliament building was decorated with large scale painting (entitled Industrialisation) by Petar Lubarda (1907-1974), considered the greatest Yugoslav painter.

This painting is subject of the second video, presented as found today in the Dom sindikata building, hanging above digital cinema ticket office. The sounds of the two videos has been swapped, in order to create small confusion, which helps the spectator to connect two different states and statuses of the painting in historical time and space.



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