installation view, 16mb

Title: Revolution
Media: 16mm film installation
Duration: 1' 45''
Year: 2014


On the construction made out of scaffolding pipes, two parallel mirrors are fixed and between them two 16mm projectors. Film stock, linked to become endless, goes through both of the projectors that simultaneously project two pictures on the opposite surfaces of mirrors, two different places on the stock. In that way, the created situation is different from the usual one, where the looper plays the stock endlessly through one projector.

The projections multiply endlessly in the mirrors, creating the impression that the same man, who can be seen walking on the road, is moving towards himself. An integral part of the installation is the most famous socialist song The Internationale, which at the time invited people to social change. It literally introduces the viewer into the re-articulation of the term ‘revolution,’ recalling the literal meaning of the word, a turn around, rotation around some body – exact situation of the loop, in this case with film stock.

The picture is shot with Arriflex ST 16mm camera, using wide-angle 16mm lens.

Film stock – 16mm color, Kodak Ektachrome 7285 Reversal. Additional stock: Kodak 7266 Tri-X reverual b&w. Lab work: SC klubvizija, Zagreb. Two 16mm projectors used: Bauer (Bosch) P8ts i Bell&Howell 1592.

Production: Akademic Film Center
Camera: Nikola Đurić
Cast: Đorđe Branković




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