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Title: Parking Space
Media: Photography
Year: 2001


Studying art makes you fill that art is important. Once out from the art school, one realizes that being an artist is even more important. Stepping out from the Belgrade art school, a young artist will soon understand that none of this is important. There is no art system nor an art market. There are no supporting institutions and no money for art. No one really cares. No one really needs you. There is no place for you to survive as an artist. It is a small and divided art community, with no real power or visibility you are circulating in.

So Parking Space is going out and making art and artist a relevant part of the community and everyday life. Making space for an artist. I was adding my name with the title of artist to the traffic signs in central city areas. I wanted people to walk on the street and take my work literally – there is a parking space for an artist - ergo - there is a place for an artist in the society. I wanted to transfer this message in a way that people cannot question it. You do not question a traffic sign, you just follow it and comply.

This work was performed in Belgrade, Cacak and Podgorica.



Traffic sign: "Except for vehicles of the 'Radoje Dakic'
company on 3 parking places and for the artist Vladimir
Nikolic on 1 parking place"

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