Authors: Vera Večanski and Vladimir Nikolić
Title: How to Become a Great Artist
Media: Single channel SD video
Duration: 9'05''
Year: 2001

In December 2000, a year and a half after we had graduated, we were invited by a curator to take part in a video festival in Poland. Up to that point we had not participated in any of the more prestigious international exhibitions, and worked even less with video. Creating a work because of the curator's invitation posed a question for us: which came first - the artistic work or the exhibition? From this ontological question we finished up with banal question - whether to use every opportunity for exhibitions (even when there is nothing to exhibit), how to arrive on the scene and stay on it, how to present oneself and one's work itself. In the end, from these question, we came up with a work and did end up taking part in the exhibition. If it hadn't been for the curator's invitation, this work would never have appeared which returns us to the question - which came first: the work of art or the exhibition?

Vera Večanski and Vladimir Nikolić
/From the catalog Konverzacija, Museum of Contemporary Arts - Belgrade & Centre for Contemporary Arts - Belgrade 2001/