Title: An Act in Space

Media: Single channel HD video
Duration: 3'45''
Year: 2013

Camera: Vladimir Nikolić
Cast: Marija Djordjević & Miloš Tomić
Music: Vladimir Pejković

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The characters in the picture (mirrors) are acting in the space that doesn’t belong to them. Their movements are responding to the space that exists only in the gaze of the observer. To make it look like that, I had to project the geometry of the mirror’s virtual space onto the physical space where the short love drama is played. During the act the characters were moving inside the drawn lines on the ground, that mark the edges of the image located in a distant mirror. I found some cognitive science theories, stating that vision engages one third of our brain, billions of neurons, trillions of synapses and their purpose is not to make a snapshot of reality, but to create reality in real time."