video still

Title: Reclining Nude
Media: Video installation
Duration: 7' 24''
Year: 2012

George Barkeley, an 18th century bishop and philosopher was claiming that human eye can see no other visual properties of material world, but light and colors. Perspectives, shapes, distance, magnitude – these are properties that have to be 'whispered' to an eye. We have to learn to see, just like we have to learn to speak. What we see is not necessarily similar to the thing in front of us, just like the word has nothing similar with the thing it represents. It's a language, a substitute for the absent.

Assembling image with small mirrors, each one reflecting fragment of entire scene, I was captured by the beauty of the simple natural phenomena. I had meditative experience watching the actual light being held in my hand, and how my fingers can touch the horizon, distant objects, a cloud, birds in the sky, someone's face, or darkness. It seemed like a metaphor for the experience of the Cheselden's patient - who had the impression his eyes were touched by everything in sight (being near or far away) after recovery from blindness.

We are living in a totally visual world, like never before in history, and our visual perception is becoming one with the sense of touch. Any content, any type of communication, of exhange, has become an image accessed by finger, and a screen as an image holder is owned by most people almost all the time, all the places. The life is being experienced by touching the image of it. Does it make us half blind, since we are able to see it but we also have to touch it? Or it makes us doubly blind, since we are touching something that actually isn't there?

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