Title: A Document

Media: Multiscreen 4K video
Dimensions: 11314x2160pix / 17,28x3,3m
Duration: 2'16''
Year: 2022

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Postproduction: Crater Studio (Nikola Vučenović and Luka Đorđević)

...You remember how hard it was for me to come up with the title for that work. It went without a title for quite a long time. In the end, I decided to leave it untitled. When I came to the decision, I guess it helped me to relax, in a sense I decided it was not decided, then something I had thought about and then forgotten, came back to me. And that’s the fact that the result of my recording of reality in its most simple binary form – up and down, or water and air, can be understood as a document. However, in the concept of the document there lies a hidden feeling of fear about reality as not being secure anymore. Not in the sense of a change in our perception, which has been shaped by cultural models for a long time, but in the sense of physical changes of reality itself. When I say a document, in this context that is fear of the future too. Fear of the direction we are headed to, from increasing irrationality of our cultural and ideological models.

From the book Walking with Water – The Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia – 59th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia, co-published by Mousse Publishing and Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, 2022.