Title: 800m

Media: Single channel 4K video (Apple ProRes 422)
Dimensions: 4619x2416pix / 6x3,1m
Duration: 14'10''
Year: 2019

Color correction: Goran Todorić, TOST POST
Drone pilot: Dragan Trifunović, HELIVIDEO

...It was recorded with the help of a drone - a single uninterrupted frame 14 minutes long, as a sequence of images with over 20 000 digital negatives. It took me that long to swim 800 meters. I then stabilized the recording with software, so I got a completely static frame. That is; an optical image as a pure geometric abstraction, and then the conditions for the performance was re-made in the image, like the work Painting from 2009. Actually, I swam 1000 meters, because my intention was to title the work thusly, I wanted to have a conversation with land art—Walter de Maria, Richard Long—but the drone card filled up and the last 200 meters were not recorded. Hence, 800m.

From the book Walking with Water – The Pavilion of the Republic of Serbia – 59th International Art Exhibition, la Biennale di Venezia, co-published by Mousse Publishing and Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, 2022.